Lessons for Elementary School Kids

Welcome to a quick and exciting set of lessons intended for students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade designed to encourage students to become aware of their environment and to establish an understanding of habitat and species.

These lesson plans attempt to cross over curriculum; however they are primarily language and literacy and science lessons. Research is an important skill to learn and the students are encouraged to develop this skill throughout the projects. These activities are intended to be done in centers or at home; students then return to school with the activity completed and present to the class. Family involvement in the activities is important. Parents and guardians of students need to have an understanding of the project in order for them to help their child do the research.

These activities are designed to be completed in the order presented; however, they may be done individually. A set of discussion questions connecting with the lessons are included. Teachers could use these questions to have discussions with their students when there is a break in scheduling or students are waiting for their next class, etc. Occasionally teachers are caught off guard by a canceled activity such as art, music, PE or a guest speaker.

Start these lessons with a discussion about species and habitat. What is a habitat? What is species? A KWL chart (what we know, what we want to know and what we have learned) is a great way to assess studentsí knowledge of the questions above. Below are a few topics for discussions about species and habitat. Remember to keep these questions in mind as the students work or present the activities below.

What is species/habitat?

What is our habitat?

What is a home? Are home and habitat the same thing?

What species of animals and plants lives in our habitat?

What species of animals and plants are native to North America?

What species is your favorite and why?